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Next generation solutions for next generation change-makers. 


Our curriculum teaches effective strategies for impactful problem-solving and solution development. The modular curriculum consists of 13 modules and accompanying hands-on projects catered to high school students. 


Our pedagogical framework uses meta-cognitive strategies that enable students to self-assess and track their progress over time. Students are trained to reflect and identify areas of improvement.


We have professional development programs accompanying the curriculum to help teachers adopt the modules for their classroom. Teachers have professional development opportunities through teaching credits.



According to a 2019 Burning Glass Labor Report, problem-solving ranks among the top three most

demanded skills by employers of the 21st century. Increasingly, educators are being asked to

narrow the gap between formal education and practice in technical and engineering fields. In fact, companies
are looking for demonstrated competencies in problem-solving and relying less and less on
formal degrees and credentials. A major challenge is assuring that high school students are prepared to tackle complex and difficult problems in their future professions. Universities, particularly institutions such as UC San Diego, are committed to developing these problem-solving skills for technical environments in all students both present and future. Our Jacobs School of Engineering and UC San Diego Division of  Extended Studies have formed a collaboration to spearhead this initiative to significantly enhance the options for high school graduates regardless of which path they choose.

Teacher, San Diego CA

"Powerful content! I think this will be great for students who may feel intimidated by engineering, once they get a taste for problem solving and a few wins under their belt, I think it will help them gain confidence in many areas of their life. Great experience!"


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Meet our Jacobs School of Engineering and Division of Extended Studies 

team of faculty and staff working on programs in problem solving.

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